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no clothes party


it must be Goober Week.

although this last one was, i won't lie, a lot of fun. for me. when i got home.

No Clothes party at Creative Arts House last night. so i put on a vacuum cleaner box (naturally) and sean puts on a garbage bag and one of those plaid plastic fiber luggage things and off we go in the frigid cold to the party. lo and behold, surprise surprise, everyone else is WEARING CLOTHES. jerks. all of them. except nick, of course, who is in a tie and skirt made of form-fitting newspaper.

did we not see the memo?

but it was pretty all right. they had free food so i ate a lot of it to make the party worth it. and it's fun to try and climb up stairs, sit down, dance, shift through a crowd, scratch your armpit, when inside a cardboard box. the main disappointment is that i didn't get to wear the box longer. it was such a good no-clothes outfit. but the bands didn't show at the party, every other girl was in tight jeans and a sexy little top, and i got sick of sunchips, so we peaced out.

i still have my dignity.

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