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S T I C K E R  &  C U T  P A P E R  P O R T R A I T S

No Problem (Jeanyoung's Dad)
No Problem pinstripe detail
No Problem ear detail
No Problem curtain detail
No Problem hand detail

Private commission, "No Problem (Jeanyoung's Dad)," 2023, graphite, colored pencil, cut paper, and glue on paper, 26"x33"

Boy with Knit Hat, 2022
Boy with Knit Hat, hat detail
Boy with Knit Hat, eye detail
Boy with Knit Hat, nose detail

Private commission, "Boy with Knit Hat," 2022, graphite, china marker, stickers on paper, 22"x22"

interactive dad edited.jpg

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Ongoing collaborative artwork at Guttenberg Arts, "Interactive Dad," 2024, paper, graphite, stickers, tape, collaboration, approx 45"x35"

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