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irrelevant pictures post


who doesn't love a girls' night out? some of the ladies from open tent, our small group, got all dolled up for dinner at the colgate inn. look! i have friends!

first row: me, ashley, syl, betty jo second row: kerry, laurie, jackie


hey, i found some old pictures on my computer. who knows how long this baby will keep purring, so i may as well immortalize the images on the internet.

woah, is it getting dizzy in here? (stop trying to see up my nose. you won't find anything, i looked already.)

two of my lovely friends, chandy and jenni, who are now in scotland. sigh. they are missed.

[midget voice] hey guys! heh heh heh. i like colgate!

jeff laughing because he has just eaten the wings of some 30 small chickens.

basileia work crew does things to your mind.

signing out. werd.

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