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i blame education


you guys think i'm much more exciting than i actually am. maybe because i pretend to be much more exciting than i actually am.

i'm doing my art final now, using fun words like "phallocentric" and "narcissistic scopophilia" and saying stuff like "the female exists as a symbol of the threat of castration to the male viewer, acting as the passive spectacle which comprises both the object of his desire and a signifier of his greatest fears."

i blame education.

played snow football yesterday and shall henceforth have to roll out of bed sideways, delicately, and move with particular slowness for the next few days. if you see me hunching across campus, you now know why. every sport is better with snow. snootball. snoccer. snolleyball. snoftball. snicket. field snockey. snennis. water snolo. sning-snong. you name it. let's do it!

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