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hey babe, hot bod


this morning i was riding the subway, as usual, when someone got off at a stop and i took their seat. fairly routine. i adhere to the ignore-others unspoken policy of public transportation, plus i was absorbed in reading the "Punchlines" page (my fave) in Time magazine, so i didn't pay attention to the person who was occupying the seat before me. but the moment my buns hit the plastic, i felt it. HEAT WAVES. not your everyday, mama's pajamas, public-transport butt warmth, but something remarkable that calls to mind:

a pancake griddle the hood of your car after an 8-hour drive an old-fashioned radiator the depths of Mordor

to be unnecessarily honest, it was actually sort of nice. if you don't think about the fact that this was transferred-stranger-body-heat that was toasting my tush, it was rather ok. sort of similar to that weird/ nice/ did i pee my pants? sensation of heated car seats. i can only imagine what sort of individual could pack that kind of therma-punch.

fire-boy from fantastic 4 the mythological fire-lizard jabba the hutt, or somebody with a similar physique

i hope it was the first. he was beautiful.

but anyway, as i was pondering this deeply, i managed to miss my stop.

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