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Caren's drawings have fallen down


From: Lynn Schwarzer [] Sent: Sat 4/15/2006 10:27 AM To: Art majors '06 Subject: Caren King's drawings - SOS

ALL - Caren's drawings have fallen down, and she needs to attend them right away. If anyone knows where she lives, or her cell, would you help to get this info to her. JK has spread them out flat on the floor.

Caren - The large drawings have fallen down, John found them this morning when he stopped by Little. Either more tape, or probably better, push pins - we do have small map tacks floating around somewhere.... perhaps Stephen has them. The adhesive can be carefully rubbed off of the back of the drawings if you want to eliminate that all together....


i think i had a premonition about this in some dreams last night, but when i woke up i figured it was just because it was on my mind, and i had spent all of friday installing this blasted art project. this blasted accursed tarnation dash-it-all art project that is supposed to sum up my years at colgate.

so the premonition prepared me. the sudden ringing of my apartment phone and this somewhat disturbing email had surprisingly little effect.

and anyhow, it's up. tacked securely to the wall. much dirtier, wrinklier, and a bit worse off for all the stress it's gone through. these things never last, though, and i guess that's the point. i wouldn't mind setting it on fire when the whole show is over. i've got this vision of me popping the top off a champagne bottle, drenching the piece and setting it aflame as i chug the what's left of the champagne. too bad i turn into a swollen delirious beet when i contact alcohol. too bad. cuz that would be an amazing way to end the semester.

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