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a tooth from my head


i thought i was just going in for him to look in my mouth and tell me if i needed to get them removed at all. i didn't think there would be any action involved. with very little warning, and even less ceremony, he stuck me full of novocain, jammed a pair of pliers in my mouth, and yanked out my tooth. a big fat bloody tooth. from my mouth. but no longer in my mouth. lemme tell you, i didn't realize this when i first saw him, but that dentist was jacked. it was like he was picking an apple from a tree. or a flower from a garden. not a tooth from my head.

one down, three to go. and my wisdom slowly leaks out of the little hole in the back of my jaw.

p.s. i had a bottle of Ensure for lunch. and it was seriously not too bad. now i have a reason to look forward to old age. another reason, i should say. not including white keds and stretch pants, and the right to make fun of people in public.

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