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runny babbit


Runny Babbit: A Billy Sook, by Shel Silverstein

thuch manks to conn, who becommended this rook. (i like it, but i'm mafraid i ay mo gad)

this is what happens when my parents are not home, and not here to reinforce a curfew. i go to sandy's house until 3 am. playing number puzzles and talking. wow, caren. BO SAD!

home is lovely. i pick up caleb from school and he gets in the car and says, nicely,

"so what did you do today?"

"well, i hung out with eshyh, i read a little, and--"

[interrupting, fiercely] "did you cook, WOMAN?!"

[mad] "you only asked me about my day to find out if i cooked for you!"

"no, i asked because i wanted to call you WOMAN"

well, i didn't. and when i did, i made him steamed carrots. ho sa. take that, brittle lother.

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