• Caren

found dead


Found dead: one female, 24 years of age, Asian, lying on the kitchen floor of a house she rented with two roommates in Fort Lee, NJ. Found near the victim was an unopened can of tuna, dented with toothmarks.

Autopsies show that the young woman's front teeth had been freshly broken, presumably the result of trying to gnaw open the aforementioned can of fish. Immediate cause of death has yet to be confirmed, but evidences suggest that the emotional toll of combined hunger and frustration may have been major factors in her untimely demise.

The kitchen where the young woman was found appeared to have been ransacked. Drawers, cabinets, and cupboards were thrown open, and the contents of each spilled onto the countertops and floor.

A can opener was also found, lying undisturbed on a counter in--shall we say it?--plain view.