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listicle: weird facts


i'm changing the rules to this because it's late and i can only think of five. maybe i'll come up with one more later.

six (i mean five) crazy random facts about me:

1. i am waaaay too ok with undressing in front of people. the world is my locker room. (i also apologize for being much too open about my life)

2. i really enjoy climbing things. trees, fences, rock walls, tall people. maybe the air is more agreeable to me in higher altitudes. maybe i'm trying to make up for a lack in my childhood. anyway, this can be embarrassing sometimes because i'll get the urge to climb something while in not-so-appropriate situations (i'll be wearing a skirt, i'll be among a bunch of grown-ups, i'm supposed to be somewhere else fulfilling some kind of responsibility).

3. i like ugly things, tacky things, ridiculous things. usually when i buy stuff, if it's not purely functional, i look for that little glimmer of ugliness. once i bought these brown sneakers that were soooo hideous but i got them because the blue ones were too cute. they didn't even have my size in brown so i bought them too small. it's the same with artwork, and furniture, and clothes. i have several ugly shirts, usually with strange stripes on them. i enjoy the process of learning to like something. 4. when my brother and i talk at the dinner table, we rarely use sentences or anything else resembling coherent language. it's usually a mix of movie references, faces, grunts, squeals, riotous laughter, and insults. my parents don't like that so much. 5. speaking of siblings, when i was about 10, i used to do this very flamboyant imitation of a drunk person in which i would sway, slur my words, sing songs, and hiccup violently. my sister thought it was really funny and tried to make me do it for other people. which sincerely offended my pride. i think i snapped at her once, "i am not your personal entertainment!" in something like righteous anger. yeah it doesn't make that much sense to me, either. 6.

I tag: bubbles (misery loves company), sand-butt (to help you at work), stephen holbrook, jubilee (because you need to post sometime, this is a 2-way street), christina chao (my daughter), anyone who wants to. is that 6? no. if i come up with one more random fact, i'll pick another victim.


1. Start with six random, crazy facts about yourself.

2. Tag six people, who then must post six random facts about themselves, as well as these rules.

3. Make sure to post the names of the six people at the end of the post.

4. Leave the six people a comment on their site telling them that they have been tagged and to go to your site or the rules and info.

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