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i am in a quandry of heirarchy. does age no longer apply in the workplace? i just started today at BMCC and i am younger than many of the students here. but i have my own office (with a door, not just a cubicle) and an assistant (who is a grown-up). holy cowhides! these people must be crazy! do they not realize that their new co-worker is of tender, inexperienced years?

if they only knew...

that i ran to work in my pink sneakers today because i set my alarm clock for 623 PM, not AM

that just yesterday i went triapsing around englewood in a 50's housedress and theatre makeup, taking pictures in the supermarket and on other people's cars for fun

that i am carrying my mother's purse and umbrella

that a little while ago i pretended to explore this floor for about 10 minutes, when i was actually really lost

that i had to call cass last night to ask if flip-flops, denim, and t-shirts count as "business casual"

that not too long ago i had a major crush on a 19-year-old

that i am currently using my new office computer to write a blog about my first day at work

if they only knew, then they'd stop referring to me as Ms. King and treating me like a grown-up. then maybe i could relax a little bit and quit minimizing this window every time i hear footsteps.

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