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to the rescue


don't let my parents trick you into trusting them just because they're pastors. don't let their smallness and cuteness fool you. even small, cute pastors scheme.

while saying grace my dad slipped in a line about God having that "special one" prepared for me. he slipped it in so subtly and just kept going, praying for the food, like nothing unusual had even happened.

dinner conversation went something like this:

mom: isn't Boy great? me: yeah, he's a good guy dad: i never knew he had a sense of humor, but he's very funny! me: yup, he's pretty funny dad: [insert funny story about Boy] me: hee hee, that's funny dad mom: i think Boy is one of the best boys we know dad: you know caren, i would encourage you to [makes hand motions like E.T. fingers coming together] but i want to ask your permission first me: ... mom: don't you love Boy's mom? me: well, yeah, but-- dad: and you know Boy's dad is very handy. if you married Boy, it's like we get a bonus guy to fix all our stuff me: [laughing] dad: do i have your permission? me: uhm, noooooooo. dad: ok! i'll set up a lunch to discuss this with Boy's dad this week. me: dad, i said no. mom: ok, how about Boy2? me: what the... no! what's going on? dad: you're right, you need somebody a little livelier. me: [laughing] mom: why don't you just tell me who you like, and your father and i can work on it.

that must've been rehearsed. it was too well executed. i wonder how long they've been planning this. my parents seldom band together so heartily. but at a time like this, when their second daughter so obviously needs their help, they put aside any differences and swoop in.

and now i'm digging through my memory to see if i can pinpoint the moment when they went from "dating is an infidel activity for children your age" to "we are praying that God will provide you a mate within the next year."

but what is scarier is, i foresee this being the major topic of conversation when caleb leaves for wheaton. without that buffer, i'm at the mercy of my crazy scheming cute little pastor parents.

heaven help us

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