• Caren

being home


my mother, typical of my mother, puts on her you're-sometimes-mean-to-me-but-i-love-you-unconditionally face and asks me to please please please ting hua for once and drink a cup each of brown rice water and vegetable-guts broth three times a day, fifteen minutes apart. when i complain about the vast quantities of liquid that would put in my body she has a simple solution: stop drinking tea and coffee, it's not too bad.

and i died a little inside.

oh yeah, btw, i graduated. we wore ponchos during commencement because it would rain then pour then clear up and then pour again. there was none of that running around finding your friends thing afterwards, too much coldness. and then it snowed. my tassel was dripping ice water on my face. in the family section, something else was going down. according to certain semi-reliable witnesses, my dad had his head in the armhole of the poncho for several minutes before caleb says, "my DAD has his HEAD in the ARMHOLE" and then everyone in the next few rows turns around and laughs. and hei king says "i am not supposed to be the focus of the center."

that was it. now if you'll excuse me, i have to go lick the inside of a vegetarian's toilet bowl. whoops, i mean, drink my veggie-gut-juice. to make mom happy.