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i didn't used to be a stalker


famous excuses that don't excuse anything, like: " i didn't know the gun was loaded" or "i swear the wrapper said 'low fat'" or "i didn't know crocodiles ate lap dogs" or "[feel free to insert your own here]."

i digress.

as of this minute, i'm still not a stalker.

but i am considering becoming one. professionally. joining a union. making a living of it. it seems easy enough. what with the internet and google and all. and it's so tempting. because that guy who called this morning to help me with the software i've been trial-testing had a really cute voice. if that is possible. i didn't know it was. until this morning. and i'm curious to see if this cute-voice software expert is also a cute-face software expert.

pure curiosity. nothing else.

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