• Caren

to give Christ skin


eris said, we are here to give Christ skin. that is what we live for. to live to our full capacity. and that's what i've been trying to say all this time. to the fullest extent. to give Christ skin.

the universe is vast beyond the stars but you are mindful when the sparrow falls mindful of the anxious thoughts that find me, surround me, and bind me

i slept ok last night, my last night turning around and around in a sleeping bag on a squeaky army cot in a warehouse in a small town on the edge of the gulf coast of mississippi. only woke up a few times. (earplugs work wonders.) opened my eyes to semi-darkness and cold feet, and checked the clock, three AM. i had a dream in my head then that was like being awake, and i knew i would remember it; it was like yesterday. and then when i opened my eyes again it was ten past seven and it was all gone, except for a face and a feeling like something twisting inside me. one week. that's all it took. now let's see how long it takes before i forget.

i know that eventually i will be glad for the bumps in the road.