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routine intersections


when a number of people have a routine they stick to, it is only natural that these routines may intersect.

here are a few of my intersections:

715 AM - a guy drives up in his pickup truck to the elementary school across from my house, his talk radio on full blast. i think he's the custodian. i listen to his radio through my window as i get dressed.

740 AM - at a light in Tenafly, i get stuck behind a green truck loaded with rakes and garbage cans.

750-8 AM - on my walk from car to the shuttle, i pass: -a Hispanic man wearing a backpack. we exchange nods. -a crossing guard. i say good morning. after a two-second delay, just as i walk by, he says, "how you doin." -a middle-aged white woman in sunglasses and poofy hair. i smile and she pretends not to see me. -a black woman who is all of the following-- tall. wide. and wearing a straw-colored wig that doesn't quite cover her widow's peak.

850 AM - as i get off the subway, a bearded man hands out free AM papers. i sometimes take one. i never read it.

230 PM - on the way to the park, i pass a young kid, about 15, maybe 5'2, with a fauxhawk, leaning against the wall and smoking.

515 PM - i stand next to a small man wearing a tweed coat and a brown mustache. we wait for the train. we usually take the same shuttle, too. i think he only has one facial expression. or maybe i'm just too distracted by that mustache.

there are more. black and asian nannies with blond babies in strollers. an old asian woman in a red vest who swings her arms as she strolls. teenagers from stuyveson discovering new conjugations of profanity. that lady with the two fluffy dogs on a leash, who sometimes meets that guy with the two pug dogs, and they have an awkward middle-of-the-sidewalk face-off. the girl in waitress garb who speedwalks past me in fort lee, cell phone attached to ear.

if they don't show, i wonder where they are.

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